Milkshakes and Truth bombs

Well, here we are. 26. It feels…the same. I’m still confused about the same stuff I was confused about yesterday. Maybe I’ll gain the wisdom I crave over the course of the next year? There is still so much I don’t get:

Why does Dasani water taste so sugary?

Why do I sweat the most in my cutest outfits?

Is George RR Martin really not done with those books yet?

What ever happened to the Baha Men?

Where can I find a real-life Nick Miller a la New Girl?

How am I supposed to live out my passion but also eat and pay rent?


WHOOPS. That last one was real.


Too many questions to sort through at the moment. Let’s try to unravel just one today and go from there, sound good? Great.


I need someone to tell me how on Earth boys from your past know the exact time to slither out of the woodwork and into your DMs/texts/inbox/etc…  It is crazy how many past flames have emerged since my break up. It’s been two months and these boys are all up in my yard eyeing up my milkshakes. (Thank you, Kelis) Add in all the new potential suitors and I’ve been feeling like Becca Kufrin minus the fancy clothes and ABC Network paycheck.


So I’ve entered the world of casual dating. I think I’m pretty great at it. Some of these dudes, however, are not. The keyword here is casual. Casual dating should, at all times, be relaxed and fun! We should enjoy getting to know other people, taking in new perspectives, and learning what we do and do not want in a partner. I’m sure dating used to be like this, but somewhere along the way we forgot the rules. My current issue is that these boys are starting to get attached. Here’s the real kicker: they are getting attached in secret. Telling me they can and want to be casual and then acting out when I continue to do my casual thing.


[SIDENOTE: We’re in the early stages of this blog so I’m still trying to keep a somewhat “likable” image. I get that complaining about all the men I have “fawning” over me does nothing to help my cause but I’m sure I’m not the only bad bitch out there with this problem! Cardi B made millions singing about this very issue so I’m gonna follow in the footsteps of my patron saint and continue]


Here’s my thesis statement–Men and women should be able to spend time with other men and women at their leisure. End of story! Now, we all know that feelings happen. One minute you’re sipping margs and making fun of passersby, the next you feel your heart beating out of your chest so hard you think you should have someone grab the nearest AED. It happens. The key here is communication. No one talks anymore! And when we do, we certainly don’t say what we mean. I don’t have this problem. I never worry that my honest opinions are going to hurt someone’s feelings. Because you know what’s even worse? Dragging someone along when you know damn well they have feelings for you that are unreciprocated! That’s just cruel. Please don’t do it! Pump the breaks and let that person know you’re just not that into them!

I have been on both sides of this situation countless times and it’s just the humane thing to do. Stop ghosting and start being honest. And when you find yourself on the receiving end of this truth bomb, please handle it with class. The chances of you being “the one” for someone is super slim so just brush it off (have a beer or five) and be thankful this person respected you enough to openly reject you. Let’s all vow to be adults in our dating lives. We are 26 afterall.



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