Come for the float, Stay for the shower

Finally back with a new post! And it’s a good one because I actually got out there and did something. If you can’t tell from the title, I had my first float experience yesterday! And for those of you who are thinking of root beer and ice cream just stop right now ’cause you’re way off track.

Think of water. Think of salt. Think of peace. Think…Stranger Things.

That’s right! My man Kelley (sp?) helped me go full Eleven at the Levity Float Studio. I was a little scared and very excited and it turned out to be better than I could’ve possibly imagined. First of all, LOOK AT THEIR LOBBY:


Just walking into this place turned my stress levels wayyyyy down.

And then I was given the tour. It was a short tour. There are two float rooms with a filtration room in between. There was a lovely smelling bathroom and that was it. I was instructed to relieve myself first (no peeing in the tank) and then enter my private float room.

This room was soooooo cool. It had the same lighting as the bathroom at my favorite after hours spot and they had everything I could possibly need.

  • Makeup wipes
  • Petroleum jelly (to protect cuts and scrapes from the salt)
  • Earplugs
  • Fresh towels
  • A chair
  • And a freaking sweet mirror with tiny lights (LED?) inside

So I got ready and stepped into the beautiful rainfall shower. Kelley had suggested a medium-cool temperature so the transition into the tank wouldn’t be too jarring. After a relaxing shower with great smelling soap (sandalwood?), and a few dance moves to make Omarion proud, I entered the tank.

Boy was this part scary. Opening the door and looking into vast darkness. I dipped my toe in like a hesitant child at swim class. I finally took the plunge and positioned myself in the tank, shutting the door behind me. I kept the handle right above my head where I could reach it in case of emergency. And then I waited.

I must have looked sooooo ridiculous in that thing. I kept re positioning my body in crazy ways. At one point I was laying on my back just swaying back and forth to a song in my head. I stayed on my back the entire time, yet still managed to get LOTS of salt in my eyes. When that would happen I just focused on another part of my body and forgot about it. I don’t know exactly how long I was in there. I felt endless, relaxed, and super duper clean. Salt is purifying after all.

At the end of the session, soft music is filtered into the tank so you know it’s time to get out. Getting in and out of these things must just take practice because I definitely hit my head on the door trying to emerge. Oh and remember the salt in my eyes? It didn’t go away. The moment I opened my eyes in my little zen garden of a room, my eyes contained two raging fires. THANKFULLY, the music video-inspired shower is placed perfectly so I was able to fiercely rinse them out in style. I gave the rest of my body a light scrub with the fancy soap and then I was done.

I got dressed, dried my hair with the provided dryer, and put on some of that petroleum jelly to prevent the inevitable ashy-ness (highly-melanated ppl get it). I walked into the beautiful lobby and my man Kdawg handed me a Fiji water. Like, from Fiji. It tasted like money.

As far as how I felt after the float, I will leave you with a quote from the charming friend I took with me. We’ll call him Peter Pan.

“I feel like jelly. I’m a jelly person now”–Peter Pan




To check out Levity for yourself, book an appointment online!

Levity Float Studio

2635 Murray Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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