Level 26 and counting

Even the casual instagrammer has heard of the #levelupchallenge. R&B artist Ciara has a new single, called “Level Up”, and she wants to see all of us attempt some of the choreography from her latest video. It dropped on July 18th and the challenge is taking the internet by storm. I’ve been watching these videos like it’s my job. Everyone is so creative! Go check out some of my favorites on instagram then come back:

  • @ayeeitsrell
  • @wiewior09
  • @eevon.k
  • @uncle_azeez (if your Nigerian uncle did the challenge)
  • @CurvyKissi

Choreography by Parris Goebel | Twitter and IG: @parrisgoebel

How awesome, right? But it gets better. This morning, Mrs. Ciara Harris leveled up her own challenge by releasing a different type of video. This time, she speaks directly to camera about the three ways she plans to level up this year. It was like a mid-year new years resolution. She plans to put her phone down, read more, and commit to taking care of herself. At the end of the video, she puts out the call for us to do the same. We are now supposed to reflect and come up with three ways we would like to level up in our own lives. Janelle Monáe is going to try to be more present. Jennifer Hudson vows to “not let anyone’s ugly mess up [her] beautiful”, and Kelly Clarkson is going to say yes more often.

“Oh, you can talk all you want

See me, I stay prayed up

Nothing I’m afraid of

And I can have it all”

Level Up | Ciara

Instead of a video, I’ve decided to share my three ways here! And I’m gonna do Ciara one better and brainstorm a gameplan to achieve my goals. My friend Tanya Radisavljevic (Tanya Rad, to most) always does this on her birthday. She takes the time to write down her intentions for the upcoming year. I find that speaking goals aloud or writing them down is a great way to hold yourself accountable. And my birthday was only a month ago so I’m not too late!

“Fake friends get dropped like weight

Team love, don’t want no hate (nope)

I’m grindin’, I’m shinin’

Up, up, up on my way

Level Up | Ciara

Objective: Travel more
Gameplan: Join a flight club for a domestic airline like Spirit, Frontier, etc… This will grant me cheaper flights around the country. I have seen several other countries but not enough states! I also want to take advantage of any opportunities that would allow me  to work abroad.

Objective: Become a full-time blogger
Gameplan: I need to continue my quest for paid partnerships with brands I love. If I don’t ask, they’ll never say yes! This plan also requires me to stay focused on building my following. I need to keep networking and stay loyal to my fellow influencers. We all need help building our empires. If I want people to engage with me, I have to engage with them.

Objective: Increase proficiency in Spanish and French
Gameplan: I vow to get back on Duolingo and keep my streak going! I took French for years so I still have plenty of books and notes to help me regain and surpass my prior knowledge. I also enjoy picking up French chapter books or changing the language setting on my favorite Netflix shows to whatever language I’m trying to learn. This is a level of immersion that you can try at home! On a larger scale, I can crush my travel goals by accepting a job or volunteer position in a French or Spanish speaking

So, how do you plan to #levelup this year? Let me know in a comment and be sure to keep up with me on social media to hold me accountable!

instagram: @26capades | @lindakanyasaurus

Cover image courtesy of Yarra Plenty Regional Library

“Thank God I never settled

This view is so much better”

Level Up | Ciara

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