Twentysix, broke, and thriving.

It has been several weeks since my hopeful post about leveling up and I’ll be honest, I’m not doing well. I have no plans to travel anytime soon, my quest to become a full-time blogger is inching along at a snail’s pace, and I never even got around to downloading Duolingo. Hard fail.

I’ve encountered several road blocks in the past few weeks. I would never claim to be an expert on all things astrological but this past retrograde has been a doozy to say the least. My ability to communicate successfully with others has been hit hard. I have had my words twisted around more times than I can count. Even my father and I got into it for a bit there. He and I have always been super tight so I had no idea how to navigate that one. To make things worse, I had a shaky friendship with a fairly toxic person to deal with. I believe in people and their ability to change, but I’ve experienced this enough to know when to cut certain characters from my story. In the words of Tanya Rad, “I’m a modern woman” and I don’t have time for these shenanigans.

In an attempt to maintain my sanity, I started a prayer journal. No more half-assed mumblecore prayers as I shut my eyes for bed. I’m praying with intention. This season of life has been odd but keeping a record of my prayers is helping me put things into perspective. When I look at past entries and reflect on the answers I have received, I remember to be grateful for what I have. No matter what you believe, finding time to ground yourself first thing in the morning or right before bed will do wonders for your mental health.

Life is a strange thing. It’s filled with highs and lows and they often happen simultaneously. In the midst of all this chaos, I found a boyfriend. And to be clear: I wasn’t looking for one. Weird, huh? It’s all so exciting and my journal has been filled with pleas for guidance. Pleas as blunt as this charming quote from August 6th:

“Please help me not screw it up”–me

Continuing the good news trend, many of my friends have received their own blessings. My bestie is now a Vegas Golden Knights Golden Ace (AH!). One of the coolest couples I know were finally able to get pregnant (BABY!). The boyfriend is starting an awesome new job (WHOA!). My little brother moved to sunny San Diego (GOTTA VISIT SOON!) I really could go on and on! It is so amazing to see prayers being answered. Best believe all of these things have been in my journal pages as well.

Things have been hard but I’m okay. I’ve suffered some frustrating losses in the past few weeks but I serve a good God who is always on my side. I am content in that and that makes me strong AF.

Coming up: In the next few weeks, I will be launching a series that I am super excited about. Please continue to like and share these posts and support me on social media so I can get this content out there. Yinz are gonna love it. I guarantee it.

4 thoughts on “Twentysix, broke, and thriving.

  1. I love how open and honest you are! It makes me more confident in myself to share that I’m going through similar situations as you. It’s good to know that we aren’t alone in not going through with some of the things we set ourselves to. I beat myself up about it because I see so many people being successful and when people like you share things like this, it just shows that everyone has their downfalls. I will definitely be adding you to my bookmarks as well so I won’t miss your posts!

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